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Beware the Table Monsters
This e-Book will help the your little Table Monster learn the rules of table manners in a relaxed way that is interactive, interesting and a whole lot of fun.

Good Apple Manners Guide
The Good Apple Lessons are a series of manners lessons (30 in total) written as short booklets of 5-10 pages each. The lessons describe civility issues for children ages 4-7 and teach short lessons related to a variety of manners topics.  BUY NOW

Includes Instructors Manual, Masters and Children's Handbook.

Civility Books...for Your Business, Culture, Children and your life...
The Power of Civility - Co Author Lew Bayer
How about Starting Your Own Etiquette Business?
Join nationally recognized etiquette experts from In Good Company at and train to be an Etiquette Consultant specializing in Courtesy for Children, Youth, Teens, and Social IQ, and/or Business Etiquette.

With a resurgence of interest in traditional values, more and more educators, parents, communities, and businesses recognize that civility is invaluable. There is a high demand for professional etiquette consultants with credible training and experience.
Civility Books
Start Your Own Etiquette Business
Your complete Civility at Work™ Guide Book for Civility in the Workplace.

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